Christian's Totem - Houston Burger Royalty

January 20, 2009

This, my friends, is a serious burger.

This unassuming Texas icehouse, located on I-10 inside the Loop, has been grilling a spectacular burger for years. It's arguably the best in Houston.

A great burger starts with the meat, and Christian's is superb. It's moist and tender, but not dripping with grease... the ooze factor is just about perfect. The meat has a nice char-grilled flavor, and it's complemented by wonderful fresh vegetables. The bun is browned on the grill; nothing fancy, but it completes the burger with zen-line balance.

This is a big burger. The single fills me up easily; the double should be reserved for professional athletes who are breaking training.

Christian's doesn't skimp on the fries, either. They're well-cooked, crisp on the outside and tender inside; again, just right.

If you're a burger fan, and haven't tried Christian's, go right now. We'll wait 'till you get back and tell us about it.

Christian's Totem: 7340 Washington Ave, Houston, 77007, 713-864-9744

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