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    Today, my family and I went to Peli Peli for brunch and I must say the whole experience was one of a kind. As we opened the door, the alluring sound of the Jazz band waived us in. My eyes were amazed at the vibrant colors that were canvased within the dark boldness of the wooded architecture. I sat down and ordered the drink of the hour "The Mimosa", garnished with a simple slice of strawberry. Once my Omelet with Mango Salsa was placed in front of me, my eyes lit up like a kid because it was simple art at first glance. Once the fork hit my mouth it was an explosion of flavors. The food was so good we had to try desert and we could not decide which one to get so we decided to try two: African Mud Hut and Crepes Calypso..Both To Die For!!!
    The staff was clean, courteous, and very attentive to our needs, we wanted for nothing as we dined.

    Chef Paul is truly a visionary, after listening to his history, experience, and finally tasting his food, it made sense that you would find peace under the Acacia Tree as you dine. I highly recommend Peli Peli for brunch, lunch, dinner, or just cocktails with your friends. Oh..and Ladies, the bathroom will make you feel like you are in a swanky top of the line Spa on Rodeo Drive. From start to finish my experience at Peli Peli was one of the best ones I have had in a long time.


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Peli Peli – Unique new concept in Vintage Park

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