Five Guys - A Good Inexpensive Burger by Lake Conroe

June 8, 2009

The Houston area is blessed with a variety of great burger joints. From Christian's Totem to Beck's Prime, from Smashburger to Mel's, we're fortunate in the variety of excellent burgers available to enjoy.

But one thing we've been watching is the gradual creep of burger prices. Now we aren't surprised to spend $8-10 on a great burger and we've often paid even more than that. The once-humble burger is now a bona fide gourmet sandwich.

But what if you're on a budget? What if you're dining with the kids? Are there any great burgers to be had for less than $5, or do we have to go with the old Texas reliable, Whataburger?

We're happy to report that we've discovered a new place to get an excellent but still affordable burger. Five Guys Burgers and Fries makes fresh, hand-formed burgers, and they are surprisingly affordable.

We visited Five Guys Waterpoint location, on the south shore of Lake Conroe. The bright, clean interior welcomes guests, and their unique location includes a back deck with a view of the water... but the deck is hidden behind the drink service area and the restrooms.

The Five Guys burger is a classic traditional hamburger, with your choice of either one or two hand-formed quarter-pound patties. They griddle the beef well done, but it stays juicy; we suspect that higher-than-average griddle temperature is the secret. The only toppings you pay extra for are bacon and cheese, everything else is included in the price, including grilled onions, grilled mushrooms and a variety of peppers.

The only side offered are hand-cut french fries, served either regular or Cajun-style. We like seasoned fries, but we have to warn you that Five Guys uses a very spicy Cajun seasoning.

We've save the best for last: The price. The single-patty hamburger costs $3.39; the double cheeseburger is $4.99. Considering the quality of the burger, this represents a tremendous value. Five Guys has three locations in the Houston area, and has aggressive plans for expansion. We're looking forward to visiting again.

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