The Gould / Tycer Controversy Continues - Tycer's Version of the Story

August 20, 2009

An anonymous commenter to this blog provided a link to Tycer's version of the story. Mike Ricetti, a contributor to the web site, apparently received a call from Tycer, who wanted to set the record straight.

It's a complex tale. Read it here.

The story provides many details: SBA loans, Gould's status as a non-citizen, Tycer's version of why Gould wants to leave, some negotiations with Gould, Tycer, and Tycer's McKinsey consultant wife, who is described as the "business head" of the couple.

The big question still remains: Why does Gould still not have his equity in Gravitas? Tycer's answer to that question was that he had "never been shown anything" that indicates Gould's citizenship status has changed.

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