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    Great Blog!
    Another Woodlands Blogger had a similar experience and was equally 'impressed', or more appropriately UNimpressed with Pizza by Marco.
    Check it out! LOL

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    Hi. Pizza by Marco is totally tasteless for a pizza that is "Dallas' favorite". I still think that Steel City Pizza is about as good as it gets in The Woodlands although the new place Gozzetti's on I45 was quite tasty on the first try.

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    Not to continue the "rip" of G, but be happy you didn't try the sausage, then there is literally NO flavor. I give them kudos for the use of real mozerella, but thumbs down for a very limited menu and stinginess on the toppings. I don't mind the grease from a pep pizza, but I do mind getting about one or maybe two pieces per slice. And yes, stay far away from Marcos.

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    Albert Nurick

    Donut, our second visit (see link at the top) was much better. And on subsequent visits, we tried the sausage, and really enjoyed it. As the photo here shows, there was nice coverage with the toppings – sound like you caught them on a bad day.

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    Olive oil is drizzled onto EVERY pizza at Grimaldi's. It's not grease from the pepperoni that's dripping down your arm, just a lil EVOO that makes it ohhhhh so delicious. Learn a little about what's actually all on the pizza before you start critiquing it. Dumbass.


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Grimaldi’s in the Woodlands

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