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    Burger Fresh is good, but I don't know how it got the TX Monthly top 50.

    Also good is McKenzies on Frazier, between 105 and N 336. Both the bbq and the hamburgers are pretty good. I'd say the burgers were about on par with Burger Fresh.

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    Unlike their bbq list, TM's burger list is a joke.

    Good writeup though.

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    We visited Burger Fresh recently and loved our burgers. I was surprised about the machine formed pattie, but was able to overlook it. What I LOVED were the fried green pickles. Most places pickles are greasy and soggy, but these were delightfully crunchy like potato chips!

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    Alan Stoddard

    When Burger Fresh won the award, they were hand forming their patties, and it is a specific burger you can order there. Since winning, they have changed a few things that are slightly downhill from where it started. Still a decent burger, just not as good as before.


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Burger Fresh in Conroe

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