Heading to Austin for SXSW? Here's what you need to know

March 11, 2010

Many Houstonians are making the annual drive to Austin for the zoo that is SXSW, and the question always comes up: "Where do we eat"?

We've got some favorite places, but the locals have created a Food Bloggers' Guide to Austin with information about everything you could possibly want to eat.  (Thanks to Katherine Shilcutt for pointing out this and other guides to food at SXSW.)

The guide is quite comprehensive... except for burgers.  I didn't see a burger guide.  So here's ours.

H-Town Chow Down Two Minute Guide to Burgers in Austin:


Casino El Camino (on Sixth Street) for the best burgers in town.  Thick, juicy, and incredibly flavorful.
Dan's or Fran's (all over town) for the classic griddled burger.
Dirty's (on the Drag) for a bit of Austin history from a grill that's rumored to be about three decades overdue for a good cleaning.


Hut's (on Sixth Street) Revered for years as a great historic burger joint, it's certainly old but it's not very good, with mediocre industrial patties on unmemorable buns.

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