Health Care Reform means changes at restaurants

March 23, 2010

Unless you've been living in a cave, you know that Congress passed the most sweeping healthcare reform legislation in decades.  It mandates all sorts of changes in the healthcare industry.  But did you know it also mandates changes for restaurants?

One change that will be obvious: If a restaurant has more than 20 locations, it will have to place calorie information on the menu, so it's easy to read while ordering.

We think this is a provision that's long overdue.  Due to hectic lifestyles, many people, especially in Houston, eat at restaurants several times a week.  It's often difficult or impossible to know how many calories a dish contains, or how many can be saved by choosing between two dishes.

Now the information will be readily available to consumers, and each of us can decide whether or not to factor it into our dining decisions.  We applaud this.

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