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    The question is a little too simplistic. There are restaurants I'll drive to try and restaurants I won't. I drove an hour from the middle of Houston to Conroe to try Chez Roux. I can walk to Sophia, but it took me almost a year to try it. If a restaurant is worth the effort, people will find it.

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    The 610 loop, and not a block further.

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    I voted 30 min or less but really I'd only go that far if I've heard INCREDIBLE things about a place — then it's sort of like a field trip! I agree, if it's worth the effort and people are talking those with adventurous hunger will find it!

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    Depends on early reports too. I vote 30 minutes or less but if a place is getting a lot of press, I might go further. Sadly, I'd been planning to hit Tesar's on a return trip from Conroe scheduled for May. I'll expect you to keep me up to date on whether it is still worth going! 😉

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    Interesting question. I suppose this is related to the Tesar's "situation." Here's my take: no way I'm driving 40 mins to the Woodlands to try a fancy pants burger. Now, drive an hour to washington TX to try a dingy burger? hell yes! Why? because the latter screams road trip with shorts and sandals.

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    Not sure why my comment won't post, so will try again!
    I am planning to drive to the new Bootsie's in Tomball. Have heard good things from friends up north. I'm making it a fun trip and plan on exploring the area some. I'm inside the loop and find myself grumpy about leaving. So I'm excited to get out of my comfort zone!

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Poll: For how long will you drive?

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