Road Trip Chow Down: Fabulous Las Vegas

March 10, 2010

Spring break is fast approaching, and SXSW is getting ready to go in Austin.  So what's a foodie to do?  We're heading west, to fabulous Las Vegas, home of the cloned celebrity-chef restaurant and the $1.99 shrimp cocktail.  Las Vegas has always been about the money, and we are very curious to see how the town has adapted to the current recession.

We'll be hanging out Rat Pack-style on the strip (while watching our dimes), and will be reporting on our findings.  But we need your help.  What are the must see, must do restaurants and attractions?  Where are the bargains?  What should we avoid?

We know that the readers of this blog are a savvy bunch, and look forward to your suggestions and comments.

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