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    We went in last night and could immediately see they were making fun of Five guys which is right across the street. T-shirts that say "Really does it take five guys to make a burger?" We had heard some good things so decided to give em a chance. We ordered our burgers and noticed right away the prices where about 15% more than Five Guys but again we are out for the best burger. Order a Guac burger and a Texas burger. Garlic fries and sweet potatoes fries. There was no line and it was about 7:40ish. Took about 15 minutes for the food to arrive. It was good, not $7.50 good for a single patty burger with chili but was tasty. Well our daughter called and wanted a burger. Went to order and it was 8:03. The order taker took the order and went to turn it in and the cook started throwing things. Apparently they close at 8:00pm on a Friday night! I said to the lady who took the order that really it was no problem and that's when the cook really started throwing a fit. I just told the order taker to forget it. The manager was in the lobby. I went right to her and told her what had happened. The manager didn't offer to do anything and said the said the lady was her sister in law and she would have a talk with her. Not enough for me. Lesson learned $21.32 for 2 hamburgers 2 fries a coke and a water to get treated like crap. We will tell everyone we can not to go to Jax and would suggest you not even try it. Who knows what the Sister In Law will be doing to your food.


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Video Review: Jax Burgers

by Albert Nurick time to read: 2 min