Houston Burger Challenge

August 27, 2010

Update:  More burgers added.  You know what to do.

OK, Burger fans.  We've got an adventure for you.  Together with Foodspotting.com, we have put together the Houston Burger Challenge, a list of the twelve burgers that we feel every Houstonian who loves burgers must experience.

The challenge takes place primarily inside the loop, but for the adventurous, there are treks far OTL into the hinterlands of the Woodlands and Tomball.

How do you participate?  Sign up on Foodspotting.com.  Then travel to each location, and photograph your burger.  Log the event on Foodspotting to share your experience with burger lovers everywhere.  (If you've got an iPhone, there's a cool Foodspotting app that makes it even easier.)

Lots of folks say they're serious about burgers.  Are you up to the challenge?

Houston Burger Challenge (Foodspotting.com)

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