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    Wow. I have never in my life been to a restaurant and had that positive of an experience. Ever, and I've been to Tonys many times. I am beginning to think that I have a major attitude problem.

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    I was there Saturday night. They were packed, but it was worth the wait. You were right about the pizza, and you have to try the porchetta.

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    bud@ the pieman!!!

    what a great article!!!

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    I was also there Thursday on the soft opening. We tried the buratta and watermelon and tomato salad, and the porchetta and meatball hamburger for our entrees, and they were all to die for! Chef Dei Maggi also sent out a sausage pizzetta that was so tasty! I look forward to more times there. Everything on the menu looks so tasty!

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    Albert Nurick

    You guys are killing me with the porchetta talk – that's first on my list to try on the next visit.

    Hoopinman: Can you give a description of the meatball hamburger? I'm really curious about that.

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    imagine an old Italian grandmother's meatball recipe only smashed into a patty and served with provolone and a lil bit of lettuce and tomato. Just downright tasty!

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    Wow… we were at the soft opening on thursday, didn't have any of the things mentioned BUT everything we had was great, from the Burrata app. to the Cassoletta di Coniglio and Salmon Peppe… not to mention the cocktails (the Bello and the Scarlett's Letter, perfectly refreshing in this heat) and a great and reasonable wine list! Last but not least a Mezzanote trio for dessert (thanks Liz)! I must mention that the staff was well versed in wine service- served at proper temp. and not refilled until ready, letting it breathe in our glass and evolve!


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