The Food Network Responds

November 6, 2010

After they disappeared from U-Verse, I contacted the Food Network to try to find out what happened.  Here is the response I received:

Hello.  Thank you for your email to Food Network, and please accept our sincere apology for the interruption of your programming. Unfortunately, we only have video clips available on our website. However, you might consider checking online and on YouTube.
We are shocked and disappointed that AT&T U-verse has taken our Networks off the air.  AT&T U-verse?s decision to drop our channels is particularly surprising considering we reached an agreement in principle with AT&T U-verse on the distribution fees we would receive for our networks well in advance of last month?s contract deadline. Over the last week or so, we were simply trying to complete some final details to the contract.
We, like you, want our channels back on AT&T U-verse immediately. It was AT&T?s decision to drop our channels, even though we offered a third extension to keep them on the air while we worked out final details of a new contract.
The loss of our networks to AT&T U-verse was something we worked hard to avoid, even offering an extension through year end to work out final details of the agreement while allowing AT&T the rights to continue delivering our channels to you. Instead, AT&T stopped negotiating, took our family-friendly networks off the air and left you without our must-see shows.
This was not an issue about money, and Scripps Networks had worked out financial details in principle before the contract with AT&T U-verse expired at the end of October. The remaining issues involved AT&T?s demands to use video content we created specifically for our networks in ways that go beyond our normal business practices.
Accepting their demands would have constrained and limited our ability to provide our network's content to our viewers in new and innovative ways. What?s even more frustrating is that we offered AT&T an extension to work out final details while keeping our channels on the air, but AT&T refused and instead pulled our channels off the air.
Should AT&T U-verse decide to resume discussions, we remain committed to continue our good faith negotiations and bring back our networks to ATT U-verse customers.
You can tell AT&T U-verse you want your favorite network back by calling 1-800-288-2020, or go to our website at to e-mail AT&T and see what your options are for other distributors in your area.
Best regards,
Food Network Customer Service
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