Sometimes You're Your Own Worst Enemy

January 28, 2011

Houston gets more than its share of negative press about the fitness of its citizens.  Typically it's written in some fluffy magazine based on dubious methodology, and is generally safe to ignore.

I've often wondered how Houston gets this reputation.  Sure, we have our share of unfit people, but so do many places.

My good friend Marcy Rothman, a Director at Kane Russell Coleman & Logan, noticed something on a recent trip through Hobby Airport.  In her work Marcy travels frequently, and like many travelers, the first glimpse she gets of a city is in its airport.  Here is what Marcy saw on the way to the baggage claim at Hobby.

Photo Credit: Marcy Rothman

Somebody had the right idea by installing a vending machine that reminds patrons to make a healthy choice.  But whoever chose the stock for the vending machine seems a bit irony impaired.

I have to wonder how many writers travel down this very same path on their first visit to Houston, and see a similar sight.  Ouch.  Could this first glimpse of Houston have led to one of those articles?

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