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    I've got to agree with you on Tennessee fried chicken. The places I've visited in Memphis and Nashville have the best chicken I've ever stuffed in my fat face. Gus's alone is better than Barbecue Inn and Frenchy's combined (though, admittedly, I've yet to have Frenchy's straight out of the fryer).

    The only down side to Gus's is that the meat is so well seasoned and the flavor so penetrative that, in some portions of the chicken where the meat isn't as thick, it can get pretty salty. But I supposed it can't be helped if you want that deep, permeated flavor in every bite. On the whole, I'd rather have small bits of saltiness over blandness anyways.

    You've won this round, Tennessee! I'm willing to bet Texas can tie it up with the burgers.

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    Val and Mani

    How long did the trip up to TN take you? That fried chicken looks divine. (We contemplated a road trip up to TN and KY for BBQ and bourbon this Spring Break, but cheap Expedia tickets abroad fell into our laps). I agree with the commenter above on Texas burgers taking the W 🙂

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    Albert Nurick

    Houston to Memphis was one day of driving, but we ended up in Gatlinburg later in the week, so the return trip was a two-day event. (We headed south through NOLA and Baton Rouge for a change of scenery.)


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Road Trip Chow Down: Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken – Memphis

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