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    Jack Tyler

    The pictures of this place remind me of the many taco stands that dot the streets in Tecate, Baja, MX. Interesting post, Albert.

    Casa del Sol's taco could be a destination taco.

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    Lydia Sullivan

    Been there, about as authentic as you can get. LOVE the food! I recommend the fajita tacos. I try to make it out there every opportunity that i get. Definently worth the drive. If you live in the Woodlands area —- LUCKY!

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    We really like this place. Fresh, great tasting food. I am really surprised at the number of choices on the menu given such a small shop. Definitely going to have to start making a detour on the way home from work and pick up dinner!

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    Absolutely wonderful! Hands down the best, freshest and most economical in or around the entire North Houston area. Do yourself a favor and give it a shot….you WILL NOT be disappointed!


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Authentic Tacos near The Woodlands? A Spring Lunch at Casa del Sol

by Albert Nurick time to read: 2 min