Finally! Five Guys opens near The Woodlands

June 3, 2011

We were thrilled to hear that Five Guys was opening up close to the Woodlands, and visited this store on 1488 near 2978 the day after it opened.  We drove out 1488, and saw the store on the left, just before 2978.

Parking was plentiful, but other burger lovers had gotten there before us, so we had a short, five-minute wait until we got to the counter.

What we got was the prototypical Five Guys experience: A very good burger, friendly service, and a sparkling clean location. Unlike some other "better burger" places, Five Guys hasn't forgotten that value is part of the equation - the burger was around $5.
The burger is exactly what we've come to expect from Five Guys. Two medium-thickness hand-formed patties of never frozen beef, a slice of nice quality American cheese, fresh veggies, and a fresh, soft bun. The beef is cooked well done, but still retains a good bit of ooze. This isn't an upscale steakhouse burger, but rather a very good fast-food burger. If you enjoy the genre, you will enjoy Five Guys.

Our only beef? The orders of fries are just too big. Even a small is way too much for one person. So we just skip the fries, which is a shame because they're pretty darned good.

Bottom line: Go. If you like burgers, you won't be disappointed.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries | 6619 FM 1488 | Magnolia, Texas 77354 | 832-934-2660

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