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    Professor Hank

    I'll keep Alicia's in mind. Berry Hill has a location up there and they are REALLY GOOD too!

  2. 2

    Albert Nurick

    I enjoy Berryhill, too. But Alicia's food is a step above.

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    mexican shrimp

    Delicious… The food seems to be nicely made…

    mexican shrimp

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    We have been eating at Alicia's since it opened. Never have we been unhappy with a meal. The margaritas are top notch and the service is impeccable. I invite you to try a few more dishes before settling. Don Dario's steak, The sandfish and simple beef fajitas with the house made corn tortilla. Ask for Roman next time you go and tell him Terry and Helen sent you.

    Nice blog by the way. Good to find one geared toward our end of town.

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    Albert Nurick

    Thanks, Terry! Tips like this are fantastic. If you run across any other places that you think we should check out, please drop me a note.


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Summer Surprise in Spring – Alicia’s Mexican Grille

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