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    Jeff Timpanaro

    Wonder if, like Whataburger, some kitchens / staff just "get it" and care enough to prepare the items fresh; while others just 'heat lamp' it. I was stoked to try that burger – and probably still will! But my excitement is tempered somewhat. Well written, Albert.

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    Terry Alexander

    You have to be referring to the Budde Road location. I call it "The Wendy's that Corporate forgot". Nice write up but as long as there is a Whataburger across the street and Chik-Fil-A up the road, Not real sure I will be trying the burger any time soon.

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    Albert Nurick

    Jeff: Thanks for the kind words. I think you're probably right.

    Terry: This was the Sterling Ridge location.

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    Indian restaurant

    All I can say is that Dave's Hot 'n Juicy Cheeseburger is one of the best burgers I've tasted so far. It's one of the foods that is on my top list.

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    beccles suffolk

    I expected much from the ad but nevertheless the real product was a real disappointment. I wish they would add at least more vegetables to the burger.


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Does Wendy’s Deliver? We Review Dave’s Hot ‘n Juicy Cheeseburger

by Albert Nurick time to read: 2 min