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    joe and stacy

    Great list, but I wish Masa's (in Panther Creek) would get some love – the sushi is great and the uni is perfection. The quality has dropped a little since one of the chefs left but still the best sushi in The Woodlands (and in Houston, IMHO).

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    Houston forum boy

    I love Chuy's. The food is awesome.

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    Have you tried Palotta's? If so, what do you think of their food?

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    Albert Nurick

    I tried Pallotta's three times when I first moved out to the Woodlands. The food was mediocre, and the service was bad.

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    I'm sorry to hear that – really enjoyed them at their old (Jones Road) location.

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    Sakekawa? A hidden gem in the woodlands for sushi, especially the yuki roll topped with honey wasabi sauce

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    Eden, Capri, and Olive Oil are on my future list. Which should be first?

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    Albert Nurick

    Tough decision, Nichol. Capri would probably be my recommendation to a foodie (their Italian isn't what you typically find in the States), Eden would be my recommendation to a family (Wide variety of dishes, something to please everyone), and Olive Oil for those who enjoy entertainment with their meal – go on a Saturday night.

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    Terry Alexander

    What a great list. I can't find a throw away in the bunch. If I may, I will add the following as must try locations and my personal favorites:

    Stadia – wings, burgers, beer and sports. Even my wife loves it.

    Sakekawa – as stated above. Wonderful sushi, impeccable service and owners who care. Saki Saki Saki Bomb!

    Crabby Daddy's – Fresh seafood prepared with a classic touch. If you don't see it on the menu, try their market next door and they will cook it for you. Great during crawfish season.

    A few opening soon that need to be researched.

    Kim Son – opening in the old Tesar's location. Can they overcome the parking hassle and achieve staying power?

    Mi Cocina – opening in Rockfish's old location at the mall. Tex Mex with a gourmet slant. The Dallas location we tried was very memorable.

    I look forward to future installments and additions.

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    Bob Beamer

    Giving a vote for Katz's Deli Express – in The Woodlands. The Reuben is to die for (with free add-on sauteed mushrooms and onions) and the Philly cheese steak is so huge and dripping, I have my cardiologist on speed dial – excellent – and the oversized Cob Salad is a lunch time favorite of mine….plus, on two occasions, they've offered a $40 and a $24 half price social coupon through Houston Press Daily Deals – which in my book, totally rocks!

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    I suggest Corkscrew BBQ, mmmm, best bbq out there!
    Located at Sawdust and budde rd. Head south on budde, right after dr. Detail. Corkscrewbbq.com

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    Albert Nurick

    Thanks for the suggestion, Ind1403. Corkscrew BBQ is now on the list.

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    Just up the road, a little north of River Plantation, is a wonderful new "joint" called the Whistle Stop Cafe. Everything there is homemade. The fried green tomatoes are not the least but greasy and wow, the flavor is great. We had lunch there and it is reasonable and well worth the short drive.

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    Any recs around wdls for Indian,Thai and Pho?

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    Albert Nurick

    I've just discovered Bombay Sizzler on Sawdust – I'd go back. Thep Thai on Sawdust is the best we've found out here, but we're more likely to drive into Houston to eat at Morningside Thai. Lucky Cafe on Glen Loch is my spot for Pho.

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      Philip Tyre

      Definitely agree re Bombay Sizzler. It's the only Indian food in town that I'll eat. It's not quite as good as Tamarind (which it replaced), but I don't think Tamarind ever had the same menu two days in a row and couldn't decide when (or if) they offered a buffet. Shot themselves in the foot with the unpredictability.

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    Will check em out. Thx!

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    The Woodlands Homes For Sale

    Love, love love the Hubbell and Hudson marketplace. Highly suggest when you're not eating out, take one of their cooking classes. High dollar value there!


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