New Apps for Foodies - Trover, Fondu, Texas Monthly BBQ

February 10, 2012

A while back I declared the iPhone to be the ultimate gadget for foodies.  I still think this statement is true, and the explosion of interesting apps makes it even more useful and fun for foodies.  In the real world I'm a partner in a technology firm, and keeping on top of the state of the iOS app world is an important part of staying current in technology.  My iPhone 4s is with me all the time, helping me find great meals and recording the experience to be shared later via this blog, Twitter, and FaceBook.

Most of you know about popular apps such as Yelp, FourSquare  and OpenTable; they're a standard part of our iPhone app arsenal.  But there are a some new apps that any foodie should consider.

Trover is a photo-sharing app with a killer feature:  Location.  You can explore interesting images near you, or near any other location.  And as you'd expect, food images are becoming more and more popular.  You can also filter for images taken today or in the past week, letting you focus on the latest images taken nearby.

I find the location-based images to be incredibly useful, letting you focus on things nearby you can actually check out in person.  And you can easily share your photos on a variety of other social networks.

(Free.  iPhone and Android version available)

Fondu is a restaurant review app with an interesting twist: Micro reviews.  It's the Twitter of review sites, a socal network with reviews restricted to 175 characters, and establishments rated on a 1-4 "leaf" scale.  You can follow reviewers you like, and search for nearby reviews with a map.  Sharing your reviews via other popular social networks is quick and easy.

Fondu has launched recently, and doesn't yet have a strong presence in the Houston area.  This is a perfect chance for the discerning foodies who read this blog to have a strong voice and get the word about about the best places in the area.  And with the micro review format, it's quick and easy to share you opinions while they're still fresh in your mind.

(Free. iPhone only)

Texas Monthly BBQ - Texas Monthly is a fantastic resource to learn more about the State of Texas, and this app is their suggested way to find BBQ in your area.  It's a comprehensive list; you'll find both big chains and the mom-and-pop joints known mainly by locals.

You can browse nearby BBQ joints, view Texas Monthly's list of the best BBQ in the state, and read the buzz from your fellow BBQ hounds.  Registration on the Texas Monthly site is require to post your opinions.

(Free. iPhone only)

Have you discovered some must-have apps for foodies?  Let us know in the comments, and we'll check out as many as we can.

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