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    Professor Hank

    I went there 4 times–there was parking across the bridge and we walked there just fine. I think having the frontage to the side was the main issue. I did order my burger there medium once and they cooked it a shorter time so it was near medium. Too bad though–they were quite good and I loved the Boylen's Soda.


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    It wasn't bad, but they were late to the party. About the time they opened, you could get a really great burger at H&H's sandwich bar for less money. A LOT less money before CB's price/size reset. And it's not on tap, but there are bottles of cold Boylan about 30 feet away in H&H's case.

    Also agree with Hank – that frontage was weird. You had to work around the Waterway (or know someone who does) to know precisely where the entrance was.

    I think that building is some of the worst restaurant space I've ever seen. Odd entrances & designs, restaurants over multiple floors, taking elevators up to restaurant entrances… the architect must have been out of his mind. Or in high school.


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