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    Professor Hank

    I'm waiting til after the weekend to give it a look see–don't want to get caught in the Mad House! I'll be blogging about it too, of course, but I love what you posted as well, Albert!

    Take 'er easy!

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    I tried to go yesterday, left at the sight of the line to check out, and went back this morning. I was able to park in front, browse the aisles, and waited behind one other person to check out. We had the Mandarin Orange Chicken for lunch, and can't wait to snack on some Cookie Butter.

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    Nice review!
    Corporate told me it would be at least 5 years before they came to Texas. So happy I only had to wait 1 1/2 years! Personally I will never live where there is not a TJ's (again). LOL
    WELCOME TRADER JOE'S!! (so sorry about the weather)
    BTW I believe if you check, the Two Buck Chuck is $2.99 because of shipping costs. On the West Coast it's still $1.99.

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    Are the lines still long? Planning to go on Friday, June 21. Thanks.

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    Albert Nurick

    Lines are much better now. Store has plenty of traffic, but expect 2 or 3 folks ahead of you in line.

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    LOL, people are so bored in this city they mob a TJ opening.

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    Loving the fact that Trader Joe's is finally here in Texas!! I grew up with and LOVE Trader Joe's products and prices in California. I am excited and happy that I do not have to bring an empty suit case to fill it up with Trader Joe's product anymore.


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Trader Joe’s Opens in the Woodlands

by Albert Nurick time to read: 1 min