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    Chad McMullen

    Thanks for the review and suggesstions. Toasted buns it is! Thanks. Chad McMullen, Rockabilly Diner 😉

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    Awesome burgers, great fries, & friend
    ly people. I recommend it to everyone! Also, try the snow cones with the Hawaiian snow cap!

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    Adrian dufrene

    Just left there with my wife. Passed many times and fInally stopped. Glad we did. Excellent burger with great fries. Reasonably priced and very friendly service. Chad (chef/owner) came out and chatted for a bit. Nice guy, great buggers. I'm from new Orleans and appreciate the effort. Kudos!!!

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    Sheila Blue

    Driven by several times and finally stopped today with my son. AWESOME burgers!!! Great service. Owner brought our food out to our car so we didn't have to stand out in the cold. You don't get service like that these days! If you haven't already been, you MUST go check it out. You won't be disappointed.


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