Corkscrew BBQ upgrades its brisket

December 5, 2013

From a very strong beginning, Corkscrew BBQ, the small, family-run BBQ joint on Budde road near the Woodlands, has drawn numerous accolades for it's world-class brisket. Many think it's the best in Greater Houston, and can hold its own against the hallowed pits of Central Texas.

So do they rest on their laurels?

Apparently not.

Will Buckman, the pitmaster who personally oversees the smoking of each brisket, has selected an even higher quality brisket: Pasture raised Black Angus Prime Brisket.

This premium beef promises to elevate Corkscrew's brisket beyond its current highly awarded (and highly delicious) state.

Aaron Franklin, better keep looking over your shoulder.

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