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    wow, albert. hope you didn't dislocate a rib, puffing your chest out like that. or hurt your arm, patting yourself on the back. so… i guess since only 8/12 of those apply to me, i'm not *really* a "woodlands foodie?" or maybe i am, and i just don't feel the need to blow my own horn about it. actually, i think the problem is i'm much more just a "foodie," and not nearly "woodlands" enough. thanks for being "woodlands" enough for the both of us. yeesh. for what it's worth, though, i would imagine you wouldn't set foot in bikini's – seeing as how they've been closed for months now.

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      Albert Nurick

      This wasn't about me personally; it was about all of the foodies who are in the area.

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      that may be the case, but so many of these ways (all of them?) sound exactly like you. or something you've said before, either in posts here or on twitter (i don't fb, so i wouldn't know about that) so it all sounds very self-centered.


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12 Ways to Tell that You’re a Woodlands Area Foodie

by Albert Nurick time to read: 2 min