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    I am looking forward to trying the pizza – I think the best pizza I ever ate was from a small place in Oak Harbor Washington. “Mario’s pizza” offered a New York style pizza that was out of this world. I hope that they live long and prosper rather than fail as many other woodlands area eateries have done.

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    We bought two pies yesterday. It was our first time at Grimaldi’s and we went only because of its reputation. It was the most awful pizza we have ever eaten. Frozen pizzas taste better! The crust was charred, but the whole thing was undercooked and too salty. We paid $57 and threw away most of it. What a waste! Do not go to Grimaldi’s! You will regret it.

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    The above comments from anonymous is sadly wrong and they are obviously not from the Ease coast where pizza is the staple of great food. I guess Mr./Mrs. Anon. would prefer frozen pizzas over Grimaldi's. I grew up in NJ and this is the closest thing to NY style pizza. I love the coal oven cooking and pizza they serve. Grimaldi's only uses the greatest ingredients and it shows. I think this is by far the best pizza in Houston and I recommend everyone to try it in The Woodlands when it opens in Aug.

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    I have to agree that Grimaldi's has incredible and original flavor. Unfortunately, Houstonians ARE used to boring, unoriginal, generic type pizza that taste more like the frozen kind. The charred crust is part of the flavor and it's not the whole thing..that's part of the brick oven style. I loved it and did not leave a morsel on my plate.


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Grimaldi’s Pizza Inks Woodlands Deal

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