Two All-New Restaurants from Alex Brennan-Martin

March 4, 2009

We're excited to hear that Brennan's will be reopening, but there's even more news coming from the Brennan's brain trust.

Alex Brennan-Martin, co-owner of Brennan's has quietly began developing two new restaurant concepts in association with Hotel Sorella, a hospitality project from Houston's Valencia Group.

The first is Cafe Rose, a casual yet sophisticated 35-seat spot, reminiscent of a neighborhood gathering place that Brennan-Martin frequented while attending school in France. Fare will include coffees and light breakfasts, and well-priced, creative salads and sandwiches plus premium cheeses and salumi as well as great wines in the afternoons and evenings.

The more upscale concept is Bistro Alex, the 160 seat restaurant that features a sleek, design-forward setting, a significant departure from the Creole traditionalism that is a hallmark of current Brennan's establishments. Bistro Alex will be open for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch, and the menu will feature a mix of classic Brennan's dishes and cutting-edge cuisine. Pricing will be similar to that at Brennan's Houston.

At the time of this report, no chef has been selected for the venture.

More details are available from Hotels Magazine.

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