Grilled Meat with a Turkish Twist - Kebab House

July 2, 2009

We've noticed the Kebab House on the I-45 feeder in the Woodlands, and it was time to give it a try.

It was a great decision. Nice, clean place, friendly and helpful staff, and very good food. The staff is from Turkey, and the cuisine focused on that region.

We started with the Sicily potatoes appetizer; what came out was a heaping portion of sliced roast potatoes, very buttery and cooked with mozzarella and a light cream sauce. We finished it in record time.

Also worth a mention is the unique flatbread. It's sliced into wedges, but the bread is thick around the edges and thin (like most flatbread) near the center; it's baked fresh and very good. It's served with a dipping sauce of olive oil, spices, and sesame seeds.

Being unable to agree on our entrees, we decided to sample the Mixed Feast. Out came a large platter with a variety of grilled meats: beef/lamb schwarma, ground chicken, ground beef, lamb, chicken, and beef. All were chargrilled and nicely seasoned. Some were moderately spicy, all were delicious and savory. There were some onions and grilled vegetables included as well, and a heap of fluffy sweet rice. The portion for two was huge; we had plenty for lunch the next day.

Kebab House is a great addition to dining in the Woodlands. If you enjoy grilled meats (and what Texan doesn't?) it is highly recommended.

Kebab House. 18450 I-45 South. Sheanandoah, TX 77384. 936-321-2646.

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