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    Let's see – no Tornado, Hubcap, Lankford or Southwell's. Looks more like a list of burgers one guys likes or has read about, but it doesn't seem very definitive. Perhaps you should eat a few more burgers and then try again.

    Of course, we know that if the Vallone's ever offered a burger, it would shoot straight to the top of your list.

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    Tony's does have a burger and it's alright. Not listworthy. I'd like to see the list of places you had a burger recently. I'm surprised Hubcap didn't make the list too. And the burger at RDG is awesome.

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    Albert Nurick

    Hi, Eric –

    I've had the burger at Tony's. It was good, but didn't amaze me. I haven't tried Tornado, but Hubcap underwhelmed me, and Lankford was absolutely meh. Southwell's wasn't memorable, either.

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    Albert Nurick

    Neverfull: I now may have a reason to venture to RDG. Thanks for the pointer. And I do have to give Hubcap another try.


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The List: Houston’s Best Burgers

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