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    Woodlands Traveler

    The place looks like it is simply closed for the night…. The outside seating is still out, the couch cushions are just inside the doorway and the lights are off.
    Maybe this just isn't a good location for a restaurant; 3 strikes and your out.?

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    Albert Nurick

    Thank you for the update – I can't say that I'm surprised.

    I think the location can work, and it has the added bonus of thousands of folks walking by before and after concerts at the Pavilion. The trick will be for an experienced restaurateur to create a concept that can be profitable considering the astronomical rent.

    However, one big negative of the space is that the kitchen is tiny; whoever originally laid out the space was clearly not a restaurant professional.

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    I hear Restaurant is closed and they have been buying those great chef Tesar hamburgers and steaks at costco lately. The place was doomed after chef Tesar left. These two guys where line cooks and not very good one at that so I never bought into your hype. They were never Chefs they milked Tesar's menu and you pushed the crap shameful, watch and see what there next jobs are (line cook maybe sous chef at best)
    I hear one of the owners the grey haired guy with the bad suits and wine breath is an ex-con who did time for ponzi schemes, seems like this might have been another. Where did all the money go ?

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    ex girl friend

    I hear my ex (Austin) got liquored up and crashed his car the other night left the scene of an accident and then jumped in the waterway to hide. Not cool

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    Bye Bye, this restaurant was great when it opened, but never the same after the name chef left. Surprised it lasted this long, so much for that apostrophe .

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    Albert you are 100% exactly right. The first two places were horrible (food wise) and the last place (Tesar's) was a mess from the beginning because you had investors with no restaurant experience constantly tying the hands of the named chef while he was there. And many other eateries in the woodlands have had problems, are having problems, and will have problems considering the insane rents the woodlands charges.

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    The word on the street is that the building is owned by some guy who lives in Hawaii. Additionally, La Mesa still owns the lease so Tesar got a cheap ride; those notices on the door included a large amount of past due funds in rent.

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    And another one has come and gone since Tesars imploded. http://thewoodlandseventsblog.com/restaurant-closures-in-tw/ for more restaurant failures in TW.
    Maybe this particular location should be a bar with some decent, easily made foods… That would likely do well during concert season.


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