The Burger House in Kemah - An Alternative to the Landry's Empire

August 13, 2010

The Kemah Boardwalk is the closest thing the Houston area has to an amusement park, and it has the added benefit of no entrance fee.  The downside, for many of us, is that the dining options are all Landry's restaurants - if you're not a fan of that conglomerate (and we're not) you won't be happy with the food choices.

We were pleasantly surprised to run across The Burger House, a small, casual burger spot located right by the Boardwalk's parking lot.  Located just outside the border of Landryville, the Burger House offers a cost-effective alternative to the mediocre offerings that Landry's does so well.

We parked right in front, and climbed up the ramp to the restaurant.  It's a counter-service place, so we walked up, and after perusing the big board, we placed our order.  The focus clearly is on the homemade burgers, and the friendly counter person suggested that we try the onion rings.  We sat down, and in short order, our burgers arrived.

First up are the sliders.  They're larger than usual, and not limited to the traditional slider toppings.  Alex, our 11-year-old son, chose to dress his with ketchup and pickles, and they were served over a bed nicely seasoned waffle fries.

The sliders got a "thumbs up" from Alex.  We can see why; the patties are hand-formed, the cheese a nice thick slice of American, and the pickles were fresh, with a nice snap.  We didn't get a chance to taste the sliders - they were devoured before we could sneak a bite.

Next up was the hamburger.  A nice, third-pound hand-formed patty, topped with American cheese that was slightly melted.  The bun was dense and slightly chewy, a nice surprise.  And the vegetable toppings were very fresh.  Biting into the burger revealed only minimal ooze and a flavor that was good but not great; we think the burger was more than a little overcooked, and the cheese was added too late in the process.  But it was still a respectable burger, and something we'd pick over the generic seafood being served across the parking lot.

Earlier we mentioned that the onion rings were suggested by the helpful staff member, and it turns out that this was a great suggestion.

The sweet rings of onion were heavily breaded and fried perfectly; the breading was crispy and not at all greasy, and the onion flavor infused the crust nicely.  These rings are more breading that onion, but the result was outstanding.

We liked The Burger House, and would come back, especially considering the other choices in the area.  Our trip to the Kemah Boardwalk just got a lot more tolerable.

The Burger House - 600 6th St.- Kemah, TX 77565 - (281) 334-1600

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