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    Thats gross. Eww.

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    I used to work at a local Italian restaurant in Dallas' Highland Village. The unwritten rule was if a diner found any debris (once a customer of mine found a screw from the handle of a saute pan in her pasta), the whole table was comped except alcohol. That might seem over the top to some, but such a level of service was a big part of what keeps the location's wealthy patrons coming back for food that is just a shade better than Carrabda's but not even close to the best Italian in town.

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    The restaurants on Kirby and Voss are still owned by Johnny Carraba. The rest, I think, were sold off.

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    Steve Romero

    Lovely. I go to LaMadeleine's for tom-basil soup, but I frequent Carraba's on I-10 and Kirkwood quite often as well. I've never had a problem there. Just a note, all of the Carraba's while "owned" by the same parent company, are actually individually managed by sole-proprieters who have worked there for years first as a manager. I'm sure your manager was not the proprieter. If he was, then your meal would have been seriously comped. I suggest you call the restaurant and talk to the proprieter. Tell him or her of your experience, and ask them for some compensation to help you get the bad memory out of your head. Also ask them to re-train their staff on how to handle issues like this. I'm sure you'll be compensated. If you are ever on this side of town, go to the I-10/Kirkwood location and ask for Jeremy Retzlaff. Tell him Steve and Suzanne Romero sent you. I won't promise, but he might give you something for very next to nothing.

    My 2 cents.

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    Reminds me of a recent experience in Miami Beach. We went to a restaurant on Lincoln Road… ordered a mozzarella/tomato sandwich. Ate half of the sandwich and then decided to open up the second half and just eat the "guts" and not the bread. Lo and behold, I found a grasshopper in my sandwich. The waiter was moritifed and the manager came right over. She apologized and asked if I wanted something else. I told her I was fine that I was just about finished. She kept insisting. Eventually, she came back with the dessert menu and insisted that I have a dessert… which I did (and it was a delicious lemon tarte…). Anyway, my sandwich and the dessert was comped and I would go back, despite the grasshopper (which must somehow been caught up in the mixed greens.

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    Years ago I ordered cassoulet and a salad in Carcassonne, France. When I got to the very last lettuce leaf in the bottom of the bowl, underneath it was a live slug not happy about bathing in vinegar and oil. I asked the waiter to take it to the chef and tell him that this would not do. No one said anything further, but the salad was comped on the bill. I think that is the minimum required of the house.

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    We went last night to Carrabba's in The Woodlands and had the same occurence! I ordered the Chicken Bryan and bit down on something hard and pulled a piece of cardboard out of my mouth. Now, being in the business myself, I know that the way to handle this is to apologize first, offer something else, apologize sincerely again, and then comp off that person's meal. This manager did come by and apologize and explained that it was a piece of cardboard from the mushroom box, but that was it. I did expect a comp of the meal but that did not happen. There are better restaraunts around here to frequent where the mgmt will take care of you if ever there is a problem.


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Carrabbas – Garbage in the Soup. Literally.

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