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    I would taste Samba Grille Berger. So much thanks for the useful information. I am also in search of a restaurant which makes delicious burgers.

    Pegasos World

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    I am a carnivore in nature, and in fact I'm doing some bbq reviews. I have been to several restaurants and it always have a distinct experience in every visit.

    Before this year ends, I plan to have my own recipe. Now I'm starting to purchase some
    gas barbecue accessories for my kitchen. This is just a step to finally make my own distinct taste. I'm happy to hear that you found your burger oasis at Nathan's.

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    Dinner last night from the Houston Restaurant Weeks menu was superb. Nathan is a totally gracious host as is Estelle his co-owner. His dessert wine suggestion was totally awesome.


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Big Surprise Downtown – Samba Grille Burger

by Albert Nurick time to read: 2 min