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    Kelly Bishop

    I would also rank Smashburger ahead of Five Guys although Hubcap Grill tops my list. And I was pleasantly surprised by how good the burger at Royal Oak Bar and Grill. It has a sweet bun similar to the one at Rockwell's.

    Now I'm hungry. :-/

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    So much for the salad I planned on for lunch. Thanks a lot Albert.

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    Gary R Wise

    Waaaaaay prefer the fries at Five Guys; and the peanuts……

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    Albert Nurick

    Gary, I'm a big fan of the fries at Smashburger. The rosemary/garlic seasoning really does it for me.

    Kelly, I'd forgotten how reasonable Hubcap Grill's burgers are. I don't think any chain can compete with them on a quality basis.

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    Five guys fries are good but they rank behind Smash burger in both fries and burger, matter of fact Five Guys is slightly better than Burger King. Hubcap Grill is THE burger spot. They have no competition.

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    Five guys makes a decent burger, but like has been said, you could get a similar Hubcap burger for a similar price. And Hubcap is way, way better.

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    I would choose Lankford Market and Hubcap Grill over Five Guys.. any day. Even Smashburger is better than Five Guys.

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    Fatty FatBastard

    BRC has a burger/fry combo for $6.50 in town on Mondays that is excellent. And I'm also partial to Bellaire Broiler Burger. Their Special is $6 and is freaking excellent.

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    Jack Tyler

    I have put off doing a review of the one near me at Voss and San Felipe, due to the fact that I didn't want to look like I wasn't adventurous. When I want something really different, it usually isn't in a burger. When I crave a burger, it's the one I grew up eating… lettuce, tomato, pickle (hamburger dill), onion, mayonaise and yellow mustard. There are several places in Houston where I can get that combo. Closed-minded on burgers? Yep. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy a variety of ground beef sandwiches on a bun… like the ones at Five Guys.

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    What happened to the cool new design?

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    Loved 5 Guys last time I was home .. thought I'd found the perfect chain burger … that was until I was invited to try Elevation Burger in Kuwait last week … the ingredients are amazing and you actually feel hungry after a massive double & fries … & coffee oreo shake … hope Houston sees this chain soon … it won't disappoint … here's the link to my visit:


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Quick Take: Five Guys Burgers and Fries – $6 Double Bacon Cheeseburger

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