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    You should check out the place across the street from HEB. D’s Farm road BBQ…it’s legit!

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    this place the shit!

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    Sue Smith

    We tried their slice beef sandwich s today and what a disgusting disappointing ntment. Nothing but FAT. Could not eat either sandwich and I would have taken them back it’d it wasn’t too far. I guess they knew that! We won’t go again!!!

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    Tried out the H.E.B.-BBQ 4 the 1st time today. Was looking 4ward to it, ordered the “one meat ribs”, but then …

    … it surely tasted good, but the size of the “ribs” is ridiculously minuscule; when it came out on the pick-up counter, at 1st I believed they had forgotten the meat; surely, there was “some”: One tiny little rib the bone the size of my index finder with a small amount of meat around it, and then the same thing, shrunken by 75% ( I never knew there are such tiny “ribs” – must have been from a new breed of mini-porks). So, in all, 1.5 little rib. So, I asked “Have they 4gotten to put everything on my plate”, and she said “u ordered the one meat, and that’s it”. I believed they were poking fun at me. If it wouldn’t have been 4 the 2 sides, I would have been left high & dry.

    Sorry, H.E.B.: U won’t c me again at ur BBQ. That’s taking ur guests 4 a ride.

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    The price was OK but I don’t think it is smoked BBQ, maybe oven cooked with liquid smoke.
    On a 1 to 10, I’d give it a 5 or 6.


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Review: HEB True Texas BBQ

by Albert Nurick time to read: 4 min